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Although creating and designing awesome websites is what we do - we have a range of other services to compliment your website.

Web Design

Web Design is more than just look and feel. Of course, you want your website to look good. Whether you are designing a new website or just updating an existing site...

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Example Projects

Web Development

A website is central to all your digital marketing activity, whether it’s search engine optimisation (SEO), TV or Display campaigns they all help drive potential visits to your website. Therefore it’s fundamental...

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Example Projects


Content can be delivered in many forms, from text, videos and images. Displaying professional photos on your website can instantly make your online experience more appealing to users...

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Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting your website is an important step in a web project, but often a task left off the checklist. Without it, you are unable to publish your website online, therefore it’s important not to be forgotten...

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.. The great thing is that the guys listened to absolutely everything that we had to say - and in bringing our vision to life - created what we believe is an absolutely cracking website. We would not hesitate to recommend Pixel & Pen to anybody.

Nicholas Reynolds, FRANK UNO

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