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Hosting your website is an important step in a web project, but often a task left off the checklist. Without it, you are unable to publish your website online, therefore it’s important not to be forgotten!

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting is the physical location of your website on the internet. Hosting a website is a necessity since it allows search engines and people to access and view your content online. The server centrally houses elements that make up your website; such as content, imagery and videos

Why do I need website Hosting?

As a website provider, we will ensure the server is running and also secure. It pays to invest in a good hosting service since it helps keep your site running smoothly. A poor hosting service may result in your site going down, consequently causing a loss of traffic to your website. 

At Pixel and Pen, we play a two-fold role, offering both website hosting services and web development. Our website hosting prices start from £210 per annum. Our package has everything you need to ensure your website is safe and secure including;

1. Periodic updates

Unlike our cheaper competitors and hosting providers, we periodically update your WordPress website to keep it secure. Ignoring updates can leave your website more vulnerable to hacks.

2. Daily backups

From human error to viruses, unsolicited data loss can occur. Therefore, daily backups are definitely something you should consider in a hosting package. 

A daily backup means in the event of your site going down, we can quickly restore a current version of the site and provide an automatic recovery of data. Without them, you would have to start from scratch or revert back to a dated version of the site. 

3. Speed

Before a website loads, it must retrieve files from the server. If your server is slow, it can cause slow loading times, resulting in frustrated users who may bounce off the site and onto a competing result. This can also have an impact on rankings since search engines use site speed as a ranking factor.

Therefore, investing in a fast server is key. Opting for a dedicated server is best since it will only host your website. Other considerations include a fast hard drive, a server with good memory and one that is local. Our servers are based in London and Manchester.

Plus our servers are 100% certified carbon neutral, so you can sleep soundly knowing you are doing right by the planet 🌍

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